Qti.ai Marks Milestone with First Takedown

On the first day of February 2022, Qti.ai notched its first successful takedown of unauthorized, copyrighted content on an ecommerce platform. Specializing in advanced threat intelligence, Qti.ai is well-equipped to duplicate that success exponentially over the coming months and years.

That first product image in question was certainly worthy of imitation: A made-to-order Partridge in a Pear Tree light-up womens sweater by TackyUglyChristmas Shop, originally for sale on Etsy. The scammer copied the unique picture, then re-posted it on Pinterest without the creator’s consent. The fraudster directed payments to their own account, and likely generated revenue from unsuspecting buyers – who received nothing or low-quality knock-offs of the product, prompting demand for refunds and poor reviews.

"Unfortunately, it’s a routine that repeats over and over, hundreds if not thousands of times every day, around the world," explained Qti.ai’s Chief Strategist Cheryl Darrup. "The original creators lose credibility, revenue and time in tracking down the scammers. Complaints to most ecommerce platforms rarely result in real action, as they have little legal authority (and little economic incentive) to remove offending sites."

Qti.ai is currently concentrating on supporting small sellers like TackyUglyChristmas Shop, who struggle to keep up with legitimate demand for their popular handmade products – and thieves take full advantage of time and resource constraints of “Mom and Pop Shops.” The global marketplace for those sorts of scams is not slowing down anytime soon. Experts estimate around 20 million ecommerce sites exist today – though fewer than one million of them sell more than $1,000 / year.

"Ecommerce platforms have made it easier than ever for anyone to launch a shopping site in a few simple steps, with nearly zero barriers to entry," Darrup noted. "That presents opportunities for everyone -- both legitimate and nefarious individuals alike."

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