An Open Letter to Victims of Copyright Infringement

The following is an excerpt from an email directed at artisans and small business owners who have been victims of copyright infringement. The original email was written by Sarah Stacey, founder of the Facebook pages "What I Bought vs. What I Got" and "I Love What I Got".

My Fellow Artisans,

I'm writing to ask you to give me a few moments to discuss a matter plaguing every corner of online retail; something that is a concern for every legitimate ecommerce merchant. I know how busy you are, so I won’t waste your time, but I promise you, this letter will change the course of your online business, should you choose to take advantage of an incredible, limited time offer. And, while this is a bit of a sales pitch, be assured that a sales pitch is not all this is. Read on to discover how you can proactively protect your business from intellectual property theft.

My name is Sarah Stacey, and you may know me from my Facebook page, What I Bought vs. What I Got (WIBWIG). In the past, I have spoken with many of you personally about featuring your shop or website on WIBWIG’s sister page, I Love What I Got, a page dedicated to finding the owners of the images and content stolen by online scams. Today, I'm here to tell you that these scams are only gaining momentum and are not going away without an ounce of prevention and a pound of cure. Unless someone steps in, we will be left only with social media safety theater in a backhanded race for the almighty dollar.

On both What I Bought vs. What I Got and I Love What I Got, I am constantly asked, "Where do I find the real thing?" I get messages every day from those seeking to find you glorious artists and designers out there; most of the time, after they receive whatever garbage these scam sites send (or sometimes don’t). I often see individuals who are so excited about what they bought that they refuse to believe they have been deceived, and others who are satisfied with the knockoffs they receive, citing lower cost for the "same" items when they continue to patronize fraudulent sites. These scams are making it impossible for consumers to understand what a quality, handmade item actually costs, and are driving consumers away from ecommerce!

What I Bought vs. What I Got has been at war with the scam exchange for more than three years and has joined forces with to finally bring the forgotten casualties of this outbreak, the legitimate vendors, long-needed relief. Ladies and gentleman, I am delighted to introduce you to Scami, the scam intelligence algorithm powerful enough end this scamdemic. The closing act of of these unscrupulous vendors in faraway lands is nigh, and we are so confident that we can help you save your site, that we are putting our money where our mouth is! Through the month of February, we are offering you a no obligation, 100% free 30-day trial, where you will have full access to all the services has to offer. You will see immediate results while witnessing the power and protection of the most revolutionary scam fighting tool ever to take on the scam industry. This incredible ecommerce monitoring tool cross-references site content and images to determine the legitimacy of a website or shop. It is the only algorithm ever developed offering proactive protection for your online business. This means that with Scami, scams are discovered as soon as a website is registered, and not after they are discovered by your audience. This scam intelligence algorithm not only protects you by securing and safeguarding your brand, it also protects your most important asset: your customers.

Please fill out the Free 30-day Trial Inquiry Form today to begin your completely free, no obligation 30-day trial. This offer ends on February 28, 2022, so don’t wait!

Scami and have already taken down dozens of scam sites and are working diligently to push scam alerts and insights to automatically inform your client base when someone is illegally using your images or content. Making the hijacking of your entire website a danger of the past, and providing you with everyday protection that no other scam fighting algorithm can tender.'s revolutionary approach has gained support within the brand protection and ecommerce communities, and the organizations trying to protect them. What I Bought vs. What I Got is a great example of those who are fighting for your honor in a world where there is little honor left. With your help, will lay waste to an industry that takes so much more than your money.


Sarah (Peak) Stacey
Founder of What I Bought vs. What I Got
& I Love What I Got

Join us in our fight against fraud!

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