Why Qti.ai?

TinyURL, Bitly, Goo.gl, Ow.ly and hundreds of other link shortening services fulfill the simple task of converting long URLs to just a few characters -- presenting an elegant and professional look. Several services have aligned with sophisticated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms to help manage a company's interaction with current and potential clients.

While other link shortening services continue to add fancy (and occasionally helpful) “bells and whistles” after shrinking the URL, Qti.ai focuses on the front end, to minimize the threat of malicious content from the original URL in the first place.

Anonymous URLs serve as a hacker's dream: They present a perfect opportunity to disguise nefarious link destinations for phishing, financial fraud, mature content… or worse.

How Does Qti.ai Work?

Qti.ai solves the problem by tapping into the power of data analysis and Machine Learning. While we won’t disclose our proprietary algorithms for our threat intelligence, we’re happy to share the general formula:

No other mainstream link shortener has such a comprehensive warning system. Qti.ai cripples the scammer as soon as the user hits the “Shrink” button. Based on Qti.ai’s model, the more scammers that use the service, the more accurate the scoring will become.

The bottom line: Qti.ai generates the safest and most secure shortened links on the web.