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What is Scam Intelligence?

Scam intelligence is the product of analysis of many confirmed or suspected scam schemes. It can come in many different forms. Text, images, networks, patterns, and routines are all examples of what scam intelligence can be. The primary use of this intelligence is to be able to identify new scams based on information gathered from previous ones.

For a more detailed dive into exactly what Scam Intelligence is, watch the video.


unique threat indicators used to determine the legitimacy of an ecommerce website.


ecommerce stores logged using platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, and OpenCart.


images documented being used on ecommerce websites to sell and advertise products.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Improving online integrity and efficiency develops proactive solutions designed to nurture trust within e-commerce and social media platforms. Like the data-driven algorithms we employ, we're constantly evolving to address the dynamic challenges inherent in cyber security.

We're prioritizing these projects at present:

Scam Intelligence (Scami): Detect the legitimacy of online retailers

Let us know what particular area of our expertise interests you most. We'd be delighted to schedule a call to discuss how we can apply our data (derived from's innovative algorithms based on machine learning) to help you improve the integrity and efficiency of your operations. We look forward to hearing from you!