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Advanced Threat Intelligence

Improving online integrity and efficiency develops proactive solutions designed to nurture trust within e-commerce and social media platforms. Like the data-driven algorithms we employ, we're constantly evolving to address the dynamic challenges inherent in cyber security.

We're prioritizing these projects at present:

Scam Intelligence (Scami): Detect the legitimacy of online retailers

Link Shortening: Guard against malicious spoofed URLs

Content Review: Ensure that your online narrative is authentic, accurate and audience-appropriate

Let us know what particular area of our expertise interests you most. We'd be delighted to schedule a call to discuss how we can apply our data (derived from's innovative algorithms based on machine learning) to help you improve the integrity and efficiency of your operations. We look forward to hearing from you!

At our

Consumers may use our services without charge or registration, as we test various approaches for our Enterprise Clients; our bread-and-butter lies in Business-to-Business solutions.

But so much more…

We dive deep into destination pages for evidence of deception that may include phishing, financial fraud, and mature content -- and warn the user accordingly.

And what’s in store… thrives on viewing issues inversely, through contrarian lenses that often reveal fresh perspectives within the dynamic field of cyber surveillance. Stay tuned!

Advanced Threat Intelligence, Defined

Threat Intelligence effectively compiles facts to help mitigate harmful events in cyberspace; sources include social media, technical details and data from the deep and dark web. Proactive Threat Intelligence differentiates from other security services, as our proprietary algorithms fully utilize Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in order to detect future menaces with greater accuracy.

While it’s prudent for us to protect our sophisticated models as prized intellectual property, here’s a sneak peek of’s overall process: performs a quick background check by examining the destination’s contents, such as multimedia, number of characters and its URL reputation ( fares better than, for example). then produces a threat level for that site: Higher score = Higher risk. So “Level One” or lower poses little risk; the user is encouraged to proceed. For cases higher than Level One, we warn the user of suspicious content via a buffer page. Of course, the user may proceed at their own discretion.