Content Review analyzes thousands of websites to detect patterns of fraudulent activity. One of our most surprising conclusions: The lack of original online content.

According to experts, well over one billion websites / unique host names exist around the world. Of those, only about 200 million actively engage with their audience. In terms of online pages, some studies set that figure at a whopping 17.5 quadrillion; that's 17,500,000,000,000,000 web pages. Apparently Google only indexes 35 trillion (or 35,000,000,000,000) of them.

Turns out, that remarkable volume flows from a path of least resistance: A good portion of content is simply cut-and-pasted from one page to the next, either completely matching other content or bearing a striking resemblance. That duplication raises several red flags, such as violating copyright laws or attempting to manipulate search engine rankings.

Duplicate content causes concern for as well, as fraudsters often find ways to lie, cheat and steal with the least amount of effort. We've found that the About Us page within e-commerce sites is the most common duplicate content culprit.


E-commerce platforms (such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, SquareSpace, Wix...) have made it easier than ever for anyone to launch a shopping site in just a few steps, with very few barriers to entry. Pre-fabricated templates conveniently fill in the blanks of pages like About Us. That ease-of-use presents opportunities for everyone -- literally hundreds of thousands of both legitimate and nefarious individuals alike, every year. Experts estimate that around 24 million e-commerce sites exist across the entire globe. has developed proactive threat intelligence in order to collect data from suspicious e-commerce websites. This data is stored in a database and checked against other online stores when they are entered into the algorithm. This algorithm is called Scam Intelligence, also known as Scami. To check your e-commerce website against this algorithm, visit the Scami page on Solutions: Content Review Services can ensure that your online narrative is original, accurate and audience-appropriate -- all critical factors for optimal search engine rankings. We will not interfere with the original intent of your site, but rather focus on potentially harmful material, such as duplicate content and grammatical errors. We will not access your site directly; the site owner will be responsible for uploading our revisions.

Let us manage your content, so you can concentrate on your core business functions that directly generate revenue.

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