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What is a scam network?

A scam network is a group of websites that are linked together in subtle ways. Links can come in many forms, most obviously in duplicate content, email addresses, phone numbers, technologies used, etc. They can also be connected more discretely, such as hosting service, registeration timeline, SSL provider, and IP addresses.

Online scams rarely are deployed one at a time. Scammers value quantity over quality, which makes documentation and logging of these sites even more important. In collaboration with Scami developed by, this database documents scams with common characteristics.

To start, enter a threat indicator. This could be a suspicious email, phone number, review, or phrase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How do you get domains to log into your database?
Answer: Right now, we use our Scam Intelligence algorithm, known as Scami. This algorithm automatically scans ecommerce websites and looks for threat indicators. In some cases, Scami can even find traces of other domains from a single store. Scami is the first proactive threat intelligence algorithm built for ecommerce stores specifically.

Question: How many potential threats have you logged?
Answer: These databases are always growing. At the time of writing this, Scami has found over 15,000 threats and scanned more than 50,000 domains. However, also at the time of writing this, Scami has not gone public. We are anticipating to log tens of thousands more domains once Scami is released to the public.

Question: Who do you collaborate with?
Answer: Right now, is willing to work with anyone who is willing to collaborate with us. Some of the major contributors to this project include James Greening, who runs and Suzie H├ębert, both of which are renowned members of the scam fighting community.

Question: My website was flagged as a scam. What can I do?
Answer: Scami has found ecommerce websites that are made using templates. If you have not replaced the content in the template, this can cause your website to be flagged as a potential threat. If this is the case, replace the template content with original content and check back in a few days. Scami tries to check itself every 24-36 hours to keep its data updated.

If you want to see why your website was flagged, we would love to point you in the right direction. Feel free to email us at either or and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Question: How big do the scam networks get?
Answer: Pretty big. The largest network Scami has been able to detect was ~1,500 domains. We released some of the information to the public, since it was a good example of how powerful Scami is, even in its very early stages. If you want to look at some of the information, check it out here.